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Teaching and Learning Support Office


Teaching and Learning Support Office

The Teaching and Learning Support Office is part of the Directorate for the Student Experience. Our primary role is to manage and facilitate the implementation of institutional strategy for excellence in teaching and learning and the Manchester student experience working with academic and administrative staff across the University. With an extensive portfolio of policy development and implementation, project support and delivery, monitoring and review work and significant student partnership activity we support the continuous enhancement of teaching, learning and the student experience.

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TLSO bulletins

TLSO bulletins

The most up to date news of TLSO events, updates and information is contained in the TLSO bulletins. If you wish to be added to the mailing list, please email:

Faculty Teaching and Learning Offices

Faculty Teaching and Learning Offices and Non-Faculty Teaching Centres

The TLSO works in partnership with Faculty Teaching and Learning Offices and other teaching centres on areas such as policy development and implementation; monitoring and review of teaching and learning activity; and ensuring fair and consistent application of policies and regulations.

Student-related microsites

Student-related microsites

TLSO manages a number of student-related microsites to provide specific information to students (and staff colleages). The microsites can be accessed below:

Students as Partners

Peer Support

The Peer Support programme promotes student engagement in co-curricular activity across the University. The programme includes the coordination of peer mentoring and Peer Assisted Study Schemes, the facilitation of student feedback and consultations and celebration of student activity.

Unit Evaluation Questionnaires

Appeals and Complaints

We manage the University level stages of Student Appeals and Complaints to ensure that our students are treated fairly and consistently in the application of regulations and policies.

Information about student Academic Appeals and Complaints and the associated forms and regulations can be found on the Academic Appeals, Complaints and Misconduct section of this website,  or on My Manchester for students.

New and Updated Policies, Procedures and other documents

Recent new or updated policies or procedures include:


Information about current consultations on teaching and learning policy and procedure documents, can be found on our Consultations webpage: