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Blackboard and SoS2 2018

This message is about the annual process of accessing and preparing your Blackboard course space (Bb course) for the new academic year.

When will students see my Bb course?

All Bb 2nd semester courses are visible to students on Monday 22nd January 2018.

How do I access Blackboard to see my Bb courses?

You can access Blackboard via My Manchester for staff. Click on the link to Blackboard in the Teaching category of links (you may need to click on ‘View all’).

When will my Bb course be available for me to update?

You will be able to see your Bb course in the Course List on the Blackboard home page within 24-48 hours of it being activated.

Who can activate my Bb course?

The course academic lead is responsible for making sure Bb courses are activated. However, some schools/programmes have local arrangements for activation. Bb courses may be activated by the course academic lead or anyone listed as primary instructor in Campus Solutions.

I’m a course academic lead, how do I activate my course?

See the Knowledge Base article, How to activate Blackboard courses (STAFF), which includes details about activating your course using a template or rolling forward your 2016/17 course content to the 2017/18 Bb course.

You can activate your Bb course as soon as you want, but it needs to have been set up in Campus Solutions first. Check with your school/programme administrator if you can’t see the Bb course listed in the portlet.


Where can I find the link to activate the Bb course?

You will find the link via the new My Manchester for staff:
1.    Log into https://app.manchester.ac.uk/
2.    Click on the A-Z link (top right hand corner)
3.    Click on ‘M’ in the A-Z index
4.    Scroll down and click on the ‘My courses (Blackboard)’ link
5.    Click on the ‘Future’ tab to see your 2017/2018 courses
6.    Click on the red ‘A’ icon to begin the activation process
Note that while the ‘My Courses’ portlet is available for course activation, it is currently considered at risk. Should you experience any difficulties activating your course, please try again later or contact your eLearning team.

Ensuring your Bb course has appropriate content for the start of year

Please review the article on Preparing Blackboard 9 courses for start of year and semester 2 (STAFF),  and Key dates for Blackboard 9, including Blackboard 9 maintenance periods for 2017/18.
Other articles which may be of interest are:
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Further information

Please contact your Faculty eLearning Team if you have any queries.