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Course development

Basics for development

The Blackboard learning system is the University's supported virtual learning environment and it integrated with the student records system, Campus Solutions. Further details about Blackboard can be found at:

The development of eLearning involves a thorough re-thinking of teaching and learning processes. Put simply, this is because the learner is operating in an environment where the teacher is absent, and there may be no other learners, so there is an overriding need to provide an experience that deals with the problem of working out of direct contact with these people.

Two aspects of development are ubiquitous; design and support. All eLearning has to be designed to meet the specific needs of students in online environments and in all circumstances this involves some form of support. Where new programmes or units are being developed, there is a need to take a structured approach to the design process that encompasses all the main aspects of provision and support including:

Where existing programmes are being amended or developed to include aspects of eLearning, then it may not be possible or desirable to address all these issues. But there are nevertheless issues of design and support for any such development that have to be dealt with in a systematic process.

Additional aspects which will need to be considered include:
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