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eLearning Principles and Procedures


These principles and procedures relate to educational provision leading to an award (or part of an award) which is delivered mainly by methods which do not require students to attend face-to-face classes or lectures.

This provision includes eLearning, distance learning, blended learning, flexible learning and the use of web-based materials which complement traditional classroom-based learning.

Induction and support

Students should be aware of the expectations placed upon them regarding the study of their programme and for the nature and extent of independent, collaborative and supported aspects of learning.

They should receive clear and relevant information about the support available to them locally and remotely for their programme or elements of study; they should be informed of any introductory tutorials or web-based instruction which will assist them in their induction.

Students should also have the details of a named contact who can provide them with academic advice and feedback on their performance and progress. The contact could be made through either face-to-face, telephone, email, fax or post methods.


Students should be made aware of the methods by which their academic achievements and progression will be assessed and how the weighting of individual units and modules relates to their overall programme assessment.  Regular and timely feedback should be provided to students to keep them informed of their progress towards the aims and intended learning outcomes of their programme.

Schools should ensure that staff members who are responsible for assessment are proficient at confirming that the assessed work of a student has been produced by that particular student only. This is particularly relevant where assessment is not carried out locally or through face-to-face submission.

Details of the University's principles on online submission can be found on the left hand side of the page.

Information about the University's Assessment Framework can be found within the Manual of Academic Procedures (MAP).

Virtual Learning Environment (Blackboard)

eLearning is supported by a number of applications and services. From September 2008, Blackboard Learning System (Vista) provides the main technological framework for the delivery of eLearning at the University of Manchester.

For further information about Blackboard, please contact your Faculty's eLearning team at: