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Mobile Content Toolkit: eLearning Content Production and Collaboration Tools

To help with the challenges of designing mobile-friendly content for University purposes, the Teaching & Learning Support Office has produced an overview of the types of tools available and of the standards, methodologies and practices which are recommended. You can find more information on the TLSO website, here:

Mobile Content Toolkit: Overview

A large variety of tools are used for eLearning content production. Below is a list of commonly used and emerging tools in alphabetical order, with resources for each that will assist in producing mobile-friendly content.


ToolLicensingCategoryDescriptionStatusTips and Resources
Adobe Captivate UoM applications page eLearning Content Authoring Authoring software for rapid creation and maintenance of interactive eLearning content. Recognised Publish projects as HTML5 files
Adobe Connect   Web Conferencing Conferencing software with a free app for iOS, Android, Blackberry. (Licence required to use software). Recognised Conferencing software with a free app for iOS, Android, Blackberry. (Licence required to use software).
Adobe Dreamweaver UoM applications page Web Development Web development  software that supports both design and code views so a webpage can be viewed as it is being developed. Supported Working with HTML

Standards, Methodologies and Practices

Copying content from Microsoft Word into Dreamweaver
Adobe Premiere Pro UoM applications page Video Editing Adobe Premiere Pro is a timeline-based video editing tool and part of the Adobe Creative Suite. It is good for larger projects which require enhanced editing, effects and audio manipulation. The University of Manchester has several Editing suites with the software available for staff & student use. For enquiries please contact: mediaservicesproduction@manchester.ac.uk Recognised Exporting for Web and Mobile Devices

Best export settings in Premiere Pro CS6 (video)
Articulate Storyline   eLearning Content Authoring Authoring tool enabling creation of interactive content including quizzing and assessments, screen recording and multiform publishing. Recognised How to Publish your course
Blackboard and Blackboard Mobile Learn App   Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) University of Manchester VLE. Can be viewed using mobile browsers or the Mobile Learn App. Core Best Practices for Mobile Friendly Courses

Knowledgebase: How to access your Bb9 course through a mobile phone or tablet (STAFF & STUDENTS)
Camtasia   Screen Recording and Editing Screen recording and video editing application offering  an easy way to produce screencasts, with  the opportunity to insert some interactivity such as quizzes, hotspots, content menus and closed captions. Supported For a basic video file: Produce an MP4 file and then follow the instructions for uploading a video file to the VLS and embedding into Blackboard.

For a video file with embedded interactive content (e.g. quiz): When exporting select the "MP4-Flash/HTML5 player" option in the custom production settings. This adds the Camtasia Studio "Smart Player" and ensures the content will play on any device. Rather than just producing one MP4 video file this will produce a set of files that are required to display the screencast and player. You need to upload the whole production folder to the Blackboard content repository and then link to the html file included therein. Further details: Host the Smart Player on Your Own Website and Smart Player Feature Chart
Fuze   Web Conferencing Free to use, no licence required. Can be used on iOS and Android devices.  Recognised Fuze desktop and mobile versions
GotoMeeting   Web Conferencing Free app for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows. Licence required to schedule a meeting.  Supported iPad, iPhone and Android Web Conferencing Apps

Humanities Teaching and Learning News:  Video Conferencing Update
Google Swiffy    eLearning Content Authoring Converts Flash .swf files to HTML5, allowing you to reuse Flash content on devices without a Flash player (such as iPhones and iPads).  Recognised - Supports Actionscript 3.0 and earlier
- Supports external resource loading
- Can download and extension to export direct from Flash
- Not able to convert every Flash element (ie. sounds, complex interactions)
 HighCharts   Graphs and Maps Interactive charting and mapping software, based on native browser technologies, no plugins needed.  Emerging Widely supported on mobile devices, see compatibility details.
iSpring  Free version Presentation Create online resources with audio, quizzes and surveys directly in PowerPoint.  Supported Select Mobile (HTML5) option when publishing. See Publishing Process Overview (video)
Microsoft Powerpoint UoM Applications Page Presentation Slide presentation software.  Supported Office on mobile devices
Prezi    Presentation Prezi is web based presentation software and storytelling tool for presenting ideas on a virtual canvas which allows users to zoom in and out of their presentation media, and allows users to display and navigate through information.  Recognised Prezi Mobility

Get Started with Prezi

PowerPoint Import Tutorial

Sharing and Managing

Sharing and setting the privacy state of your Prezis
Popcorn Maker    Video Web development 

Popcorn allows you to bring in a YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud or HTML5 media clip and then edit it by adding additional layers of information (popup, Google map, Image), cueing the media clip to begin and end at a particular point and allows for multiple clips to be brought together meaning multiple video clips can be played back-to-back with no requirement for video editing.

Emerging Popcorn Maker Overview
Screenflow   Screen recording and Editing (for Mac) Captures the users screen and provides easy editing.  Supported To ensure content can be viewed across devices: Produce  an MP4 file and then follow the instructions for uploading a video file to the VLS and embedding into Blackboard.
SoundCloud    Audio Streaming  SoundCloud is an audio platform that enables sound creators to upload, record, promote and share their originally-created sounds. In education, it is a great way to share audio with student. Recognised SoundCloud features a mobile-friendly website as well as offering dedicatedmobile apps
Timeline.js    Web development  TimelineJS allows you to create beautifully crafted interactive timelines that can be embedded within Blackboard. The tool gives the ability to have images, videos, audio, webpages, documents, blockquotes, tweets and other textual information all embedded directly into the timeline which is built from a standard Google Docs Spreadsheet (Google Docs version of Excel). Emerging  
UoM Video Library Service (VLS)   Video hosting The Video Library Service offers staff the ability to upload their own videos so that they can be made available for use in their web pages or Blackboard courses. Core Both video and audio files can be uploaded - seeUploading videos - recommendations for a list of supported formats. 

Embed code is accessible from any device - works with Desktops as well as iPhones/iPads, Android and BlackBerry. See the following knowedgebase articles: 
How to: Upload a file to the Video Library Service (VLS) (STAFF) 

How to embed audio or video from the Video Library Service into Bb9/web pages (STAFF)
wireWAX   Video web development wireWAX is a video tool which allows you to build Hypervideo (or hyperlinked video) - a streaming video which also allows for other elements to be built into the video, for example weblinks, rollovers for text & images, image galleries, other views and audio. Emerging   
Wordpress   Content Management System Free and open source CMS based on PHP and MySql. Supported Mobile Apps 

Creating Mobile-Optimized Websites Using WordPress
YouTube Editor   Video Editing YouTube Editor is an free online video editing tool. It allows you to combine multiple videos & images you have uploaded, trim to custom lengths, insert textual titles, add audio you have recorded and add background music. These videos can then be added into Blackboard for students to view. Recognised  
Xerte Toolkits   eLearning content authoring Xerte Online Toolkits is a browser-based tool that allow you to create interactive learning materials quickly and easily. Supported With Xerte Online Toolkits v 2.0 (released April 2013) you can create one set of content in two versions instantaneously: one in HTML5 which will run on a wide range of devices (including mobile devices), and one in the traditional Flash format.