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"The amount of different experiences and exposure I was able to condense into just one year was massive, and so when it came to interviews I was able to talk with confidence about the projects I had completed. And, on a personal level, the Sabb teams are always a great bunch and you'll make some great lasting friendships."

Name:   Matt Valentine

 LLB Law

Year of Graduation:   2008

Current Employment : Contracts, The University of Manchester



Matt was the Sabbatical intern for Mentoring in the Faculty of Humanities in 08/09, after which he went on to work in the Alumni Office before securing a position working in the Contracts Office. Before being a Sabbatical, Matt was involved in Widening Participation, acting as a Mentor to students before they came to University. He helped design and deliver workshops, tours and summer schools. He was also treasurer of the Pro Bono Society and volunteered at the Legal Advice Centre.


Personal Development
In the role Matt felt to develop a number of Skills:

  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Confidence
  • Patience


 "The best skill that I was able to develop was communication, as it comes into the role in many means, from emailing students to academics and developing materials, resources and presentations that were right for the given audiences. Creativity was also important for the job, from forging relationships, to trying to become an expert within your field work and being a sounding board for ideas and helping to put them into practice."


Highlights of being a Sabbatical Intern:  

"I was lucky enough to attend the European First Year Experience conference in Groningen and it was great. The opportunity to present at the conference, despite being nerve-wracking, was one that I would not have passed up"


"It becomes a role where you have to step up to the plate. It's a case of each person putting their individuality into the role, to leave behind a legacy that will continue after you have left and so you'll be proud of the continuation of such a valued position in the University"


"The amount of exposure to different types of work also means it's a job where you can develop transferable skills to talk about in interviews; there'll also be experiences which other people have never had the chance to try, so I considered myself really lucky for such opportunities."