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HEARing Student Voices

The HEARing Student Voices project has now ended, but it was funded by the National Teaching Fellowship Scheme (NTFS) to look at how feedback from assessment, advising and formative HEARs (Higher Education Achievement Reports) impact on student choices in the taught and wider curricula.

The project was focused on the formative, development aspects of the HEAR initiative and will run alongside the development of graduate HEARs.

The project aimed to research how:
(i) Students make educational choices within differently structured curricula
(ii) Employment aspirations influence choice
(iii) Student centred strategies can develop the HEAR process
(iv) Formative student assessment can influence career management.

The project ran in two research stages and one outcome/output stage:

The first stage ran from September 2009-September 2010 and consisted of focus groups and individual interviews.

The second stage consisted of an action research element with an online portal, created after the initial discussions in stage one. The action research followed the student use of the portal and concluded with exit interviews and questionnaires.

As an outcome, the results of this project were planned to be embedded into student-centred recommendations for further work at Manchester. This recommendations include work on the online portal and suggestions for academic advisor/advisee criteria and advice.

This project was supported by a core project team and a wider steering group engaging several National Teaching Fellows and colleagues from the Manchester Careers Service, the Teaching and Learning Support Office and key contacts from the University's HEAR development group. 

To see details of papers and presentations associated with the project, please visit: