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Winners 2016-17

Three winners were selected by the panel for this year’s Teaching Excellence Awards, which were celebrated with a ceremony at Christie’s Bistro on 3rd July hosted by Professor Clive Agnew.  

For more information on the winners submissions please take a look at the following pages:


Professor Kersti Borjars (Chair of Teaching Excellence Awards Committee), Professor David Schultz (award winner), Professor Clive Agnew (Vice President Teaching,Learning & Students and panel member), Rebecca Farrington (award winner) & Professor Stephanie Marshall (CHERIL chair).


Stephanie Marshall introduced this years event which was partnered with CHERIL (Centre of Higher Education Research Innovation and Learning) and based on a theme of collaboration.   Over the years we’ve had 36 CHERIL project winners and 25 Teaching Excellence winners who have demonstrated some fantastic work to support teaching excellence.  The award winners have achieved so much to demonstrate their own individual excellence and the aim of the collaborative theme was to introduce how we can share this insight wider to help others innovate their own teaching practice.

In the spirit of knowledge sharing, two guest speakers were invited to give an overview of current activities in their own area, these were Pam Vallely (Academic Lead for Distance Learning) and Sarah Teagle (Learning Partner Staff Learning & Development):

Staff Learning and Development – Sarah Teagle updated us on the vision and plans for the recently transformed team and gave some insight on the different formats of learning they will be offering, such as elearning, which will help support academic development.  Sarah also gave a taster of what to expect this year which included the sixty second skills initiative which is collection of 60 second snippets on key topics from teams across the institution.

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Distance Learning – Professor Pam Vallely updated us on the current distance learning programmes being developed and launched and those being planned for the future.  She also discussed visits to Melbourne and Penn State Universities to see how they have both approached distance learning. Pam also touched on possible ways we can work with these institutions to share knowledge and learn from each other.  At the end of her presentation, Pam posed a question to the awards audience on how collaboration could work locally in schools, in faculties and outside the University.

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 Teaching Excellence Network


Stephanie Marshall introducing the Teaching Excellence Network

To support the theme of collaboration, the Teaching Excellence Network was re-launched to act as a cross-university network to help disseminate best practice and share knowledge on innovative teaching. Its purpose is to:


 networking at the teaching excellence event.

What are your thoughts?

We would really like to hear from you and how you think the Teaching Excellence Network could work.  You may be in a teaching and learning focused group or have attended a seminar recently where you think the contents should go wider than the attendees - we want to hear from you.  Also we would like collate teaching hot topics which should be the focus forthcoming seminars and masterclasses - CHERIL is running a series of events and it would be great to hear your choices.  Please just fill out the short form below - it only takes a minute!

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