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Rebecca Farrington

Senior Lecturer in Community Based Medical Education (Clinical)
The picture above shows Rebecca receiving her award and discussing her role which is both complex and demanding.  Rebecca is a GP and senior clinical lecturer who manages educational responsibilities as part of the Community Based Medical Education (CBME) team.  Her submission demonstrated her enthusiasm for supporting students transitioning to employment with innovative teaching examples as part of the Clinical Debrief programme.  Her role as Deputy Lead of CBME also highlighted her commitment to supporting colleagues through her "PRIME" train-the-trainers programme which bridged the gap bewteen primary and seconary care.  Rebecca evidenced ‘raising the profile of excellence’ through activites such as building communities of practice, presenting at conferences and delivering education on refugee health to a range of audiences.  Rebecca has  shown a substantial body of teaching, innovation, leadership, management and evaluation over 5years at the Medical School, whilst working part-time as a clinician.